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Before becoming a sculptor, I was a self-taught portrait painter.  I’ve always loved the beauty of the human form and found this an easy medium to express that desire.   In college  I studied “Pictorial Illustration”.   After, my paintings turned more illustrative.
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Christ's Love   The1Transfiguration
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Dali    Lace    Brennan Anne

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Sharon Stone

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Eva Hillary Jilly Ann
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Stranger in a Strange Land

Blues Man

Seascape Mural
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Here we have a journey to the past.
These are all at least a quarter century old, when I was learning to paint.
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Harvey (1972) Also Sprach Zarathustra (1979) Miracles (1978)
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Sue (1975) The Holy Eucharist (1979) Gypsy (1978)
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Gold Dust Woman (1977) Lend Your Love to Me (1977)


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Erotic Paintings