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"Lisa" Paintings (1977)

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Gold Dust Woman
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Lend Your Love to Me Tonight


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The lovely "Lisa"  owned my heart for a good part of the late 70's.  "Lisa"was the subject of many of my early paintings when I was first learning my craft.  Here are two of those paintings.  Both are pretty moody, but I like them.
In "Gold Dust Woman", a ghost figure appeared, wrapping his arms protectively around "Lisa" from behind the couch.  I had painted over an old painting without gessoing it first and my self-portrait bleed through.  Its eerie, but kewl.


The song "Lend Your Love to Me Tonight" by Emerson, Lake, & Palmer was playing on the stereo at the time I was taking photos of "Lisa".  I asked her to look up and clicked the camera as a sympathetic tear rolled down her cheek.
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