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"Harvey" (1972)

paintings-harvey.jpg (46674 bytes)      This is the first painting I ever did.  It was an assignment for my 10th grade Art Class.  I loved this class.  The teacher brought in a wooden box covered with a black veil to prevent us from looking in.  He called it "Harvey" and told us not to mess with it because "Harvey was hungry".  After wondering for days what this was all about, the teacher took out a knife and cut a slit in the center of the concealing cloth.   He explained that we have 5 senses, but too often we rely only on our sense of sight to create art.  We were to stick our hand into through the slit in the black veil, and using our sense of touch, we could create anything to interpret what we felt.   Possibly in the being, there was some sense of order to "Harvey", but I was at the end of the line and it was now in chaos.  I was in my outer world reaching through the black veil that separated me from Harvey, seeking what was left through the chaos.   I was God in the Heavens, reaching through the all-seeing eye, seeking what was left of mankind after he destroyed what was created.  There are various symbols throughout the painting, but in the top right hand corner floats an embryo...  hope for a new life?
             This painting is a part of a private collection.

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