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Miracles (1978-80)

paintings-miracles.jpg (50870 bytes)      There is way too much going on in this Dali-esque painting to go into it all in this limited space, but here are the basics-

All of these people were major players in my life at that time, who I felt had the same characteristics as the major players in the Passion Play. Throwing a nod to "Alice In The Looking Glass", I used the checker board landscape to create a human chess game, and added central distortion because the game is never as it seems.  With the devil speaking into one ear and an angel in the other, it would be easy to turn in either direction. I added myself in as both the crucified Christ and also as Judas hanging in the tree. The all-seeing eye of God watches over all.

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Here are just a few of the people who posed for this painting for me.
Click here for enlarged photos and a brief story of each.
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Holly Diane & Cathy Big Al
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Ginny Gail Karen
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