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The Making of - Moxie Metaphysics

After completing my "Dali Skull" for the International Life Cast Museum,
I was commissioned to create another surrealistic "fine art" sculpture for
them, equally as engaging and thought-provoking.  This time, I decided to 
turn to the "impossible world" of M.C. Escher for inspiration.  I remember
my grandmother showing me how to peel an apple in one long rind and how
Escher used this concept for his wood-engraving.    I knew this was the way
to go to create the "impossible lifecasting" sculpture I was looking for.
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Moxie being cast. Moxie's raw cast. The blue-print for the plan.
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And, impossible it truly was. Even with a cast iron sculpture, the weight of the ribbon would still crash down upon itself.  My challenge therefore, was how to create the illusion of 3-dimensions. Instead I made a 3/4 relief with Moxie's cast, mixing in fiberglass strands for the added support and the whole thing was attached to a sheet of plywood.  Each section was cut along with the plywood, to allow me access to trim each "ribbon" to a smooth 1 inch thickness with a dremel.  The jigsaw puzzle was then glued back together on a 2nd sheet of plywood and readied to paint.
Figure "ribbon" painted, from front. 3/4 view to see 3-D "ribbon" better.
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The challenge became, how to create the illusion of 3-dimensions on a flat surface continuing on with an actual 3-dimensional statue, while keeping the appearance of a 2-dimensional painting.

Painted background ... 3-D ribbon illusion added ... cool frame made-to-fit.
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Click here to see final sculpture as a part of the "Moxie Trilogy".
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