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Moxie Trilogy
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Moxie Angel Moxie Elf Moxie Metaphysics
Here we have three variations of a theme, using the beautiful model Moxie as the central re-occurring figure.  The first incarnation was the "Moxie Angel". By altering the color of the glaze and creating a new set of wings, the "Moxie Elf" was born.  The most unique variation of this cast is "Moxie Metaphysics".
Inspired by the "Rine"wood-cut by M.C.Escher, I decided to re-cast Moxie and then "surgically" peel the cast like an apple. The painted background unifies the separate sections and adds drama as the sculpture literally becomes a 3-D portrait in it's metaphysical state of being. Click here for "the making of".

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