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The Dali Skull

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Spring 2005, I went to the  Philadelphia Museum for an exhibit of the art work of Salvador Dali.   There was a surrealistic photo there called "Dali Skull" and I thought, "That would make a great sculpture!"

dali_skull-photo.jpg (19187 bytes)

Jilly Ann and Ann Marie  were the two models who helped me out with this endeavor.


This sculpture is BIG!   Its 8'x5' and easily weights over 400 pounds!
One Model Place showcased this sculpture on Jilly Ann's model website.
Did they think it was an actual photo of Jilly Ann rather than a sculpture?
I'm happy to say that this sculpture has found a permanent home
at the International Life Cast Museum in Boston.
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ILCM Dali Skull T-Shirts are a part of the ILCM fund-raiser.

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