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Model of the Month- Kim

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As we travel thru life, if we are lucky, we discover that “great love” of our life. I was lucky enough to have found three.  Kimmy was the first, and she taught me to love- emotionally and spiritually.  She taught me there was more to life than just me, and I'll always thank her for that.

As a budding artist, inspired by Kim’s father who was a great painter, I did my first portrait of Kim (shown below left).


Later in college, she posed for my first-ever casting attempt, before I had discovered alginate, and removing the plaster was a horror show. Even after that first terrible experience, she was willing to help me try again. The motorcycle tank I created can be seen in my biography.


kim-painting.jpg (22362 bytes)       Years go by and people come and go.  After a decade had passed, Kim and I met again, and she graciously consented to pose for another casting. This piece was appropriately titled, “For a Lost Generation (I Remember Kim)”.       kim-goldcross.jpg (16233 bytes)
I also recast the much simpler “Gold Cross” shown here.
Kim is married now with a wonderful son named after her dad. I wish Kim and her family peace and happiness, and I thank Kim for her guiding light.
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