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     I thought it would be nice to add a few words of my own here also, since this is my biography.  As I mention throughout this website, I fell in love with the concept of lifecasting the first time I saw a sculpture by Duane Hanson back in the early 70's.

biketank.jpg (22463 bytes)     

    My first attempt at lifecasting was a few years later. I simply smeared Plaster of Paris on my girl friend's torso.  I had not yet discovered alginate. Oh, the pain I put her through when I tried to remove it. I used that mold to create the tank cover for my motorcycle that you see here.  I air-brushed on the bikini tan line and added the shell necklace to cover the gas cap.


    During the 80's, I fell ever so deeply in love and decided to get married.  I put aside all of my thoughts of becoming a "Fine Artist" and went to school to learn Pictorial Illustration.

    After a stint in advertising, and another in design, I finally ended up working in NYC as the Art Director for a book publishing company.  It was a fairy tale come true.

    But, I had stopped painting.  I had stopped creating.  Something was wrong in paradise. Something was wrong inside, and to quote myself from before, "Oh, the pain I put her through when I tried to remove it."  And so, in the 90's, my beautiful wife and I divorced.

      joe-groom.jpg (25209 bytes)


I wanted to add my wedding photo here with that bittersweet story because that is the reason why I started sculpting again; why I push myself and my art today.  I remind myself constantly what I gave up to say that, "Yes, my art is my life".

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