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Erotic Sculpture


Human sexuality and the female form are both truly a gift to mankind. It’s a shame that the Puritan mindset has such a firm grip on our society that wonderful artists as Mapplethorpe and others are deemed pornographers by so many.  Here is my attempt to show the “beauty and wonder” that is the flesh, and to elevate sensuality and sexuality into an art form.  I will always marvel at its intricacy and soft, gentle eloquence.

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Momma's Little Jewel

Pussy Wiilows

Constant Craving
ea-kinkycopy.jpg (11265 bytes) ea-culminationcopy.jpg (15805 bytes) nipplepinch-copy.jpg (13762 bytes)
Kinky...  State  of Mind Culmination Nipple Pinch
ea-queenheartscopy.jpg (10916 bytes) ea-fumblingcopy.jpg (17437 bytes) magnifyingglass-copy.jpg (11639 bytes)
Queen of Hearts Fumbling Towards Ectasy Magnifying Glass
ea-thegiftcopy.jpg (13646 bytes) goldlips-copy.jpg (18690 bytes)     artdeco-box-copy.jpg (15109 bytes)
The Gift oo Golden Lips mo Art-deco Box
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