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ea-culmination.jpg (31513 bytes)        My first attempt to cast female genitals was ironically a success in its failure. My thought was to use these lips as flower petals, ala  Georgia O’Keefe.   My willing model lay on the floor as I “prepared” her lips for the casting, then I applied the alginate and plaster gauze with a pat-pat here and a rub-rub there. When I removed the mold, I was disappointed to find that everything had flopped over to the left. She jokingly said that was because she’s right handed (think about it) and asked if I wanted to try again. So, once more I prepared her lips and then a pat-pat  here and a rub-rub there, and again everything flopped to the left.
      “Wanna try again?”  So again, I prepared her lips and a pat-pat here and a rub-rub there and again it didn’t work!   Damn! One more try! After the fourth effort I ended up with a large air bubble trapped under the alginate. I was staring at the mold, trying to figure out what I kept doing wrong. As I pondered this plight, and I’m staring at that air bubble, the realization finally crossed my mind. “Hey, um, did you cum while I was doing this?”  A sly smile crossed her face as she softly replied, “Yes."   I couldn’t believe that I now had a cast of an orgasm frozen in time!  The fluid that she'd ejaculated during her orgasm shot out into the wet alginate and was trapped there. How kewl!  I ended up using the series of casts and creating a form of type of "sand dollar" instead of the O'Keefe Flower I was originally looking for, but I think it turned out great.

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