A few of the Models for "Miracles"

miraclesmodels-holly.jpg (28123 bytes)     The lovely Holly was truly an angel that I had the privilege to meet back in the late 70's.  At the time, she graciously consented to posed for one of my paintings.  My original idea for Holly's portrait was an off-shoot of my 60's lifestyle.  I wanted to do a painting of Holly wearing a gauzy white linen dress, standing out in an open field of flowers, as the morning mist drifted by and the rising sun halloed her hair.  I never did complete that portrait, but I did use Holly's back-lite  photo as the guide for all of my "Miracle" models to follow.

Today Holly is happily married with a sweet little girl of her own.  I thank her for her help with my painting and I wish her well. She was, and will remain, an angel to me.

miraclesmodels-di-cathy.jpg (25518 bytes) Diane and Cathy were a part of the conception of my "Miracles" painting. Along with the lovely Lisa, the four of us went to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" and we all moved by the play.  Most of this painting is my interpretation of that evening with these friends.  The three ladies represent the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Martha at the foot of Christ's cross.

Lady Diane remained one of my closest friends over the years. Today Di is married with three lovely children.

Sweet Cathy disappeared from my life after the 70's, but I hear that she is also married with two lovely children.

I thank both Diane and Cathy for their inspiration and help with this painting.

miraclesmodels-big-al.jpg (25023 bytes) "Big Al" was my rock; my Saint Peter.  And like Saint Peter, he was also a fisherman, very spiritual, and a friend to all he met.

Alan was the manager of the first "Bonanza Sirloin Pit" that I worked at and he made it a wonderful place to work, truly unique to any other that ever followed. I looked upon him as a surrogate father as he helped me through a very troubled time in my life. Alan was all heart and his staff always loved him for his thoughtfulness.

Unfortunately for this man who was all heart, it gave out way too early.  Alan passed on back in 1993, but I was blessed to have been his friend for so long.

miraclesmodels-ginny.jpg (24825 bytes) Ginny was such a sweetheart to me and she was my first true angel.  She was also my first true girlfriend as we dated the summer after High School graduation.  That fall, Ginny went off to college at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York to become a Fine Artist.

A few years later, while she was home on Christmas break, we met again and Ginny graciously consented to pose for my painting and thus remains an angel to me for all time.

Sadly, we lost touch and I never saw Ginny again after that.  Wherever she is today, I wish her peace and happiness and I hope she kept up with her art as well.

miraclesmodels-gail.jpg (26711 bytes) At possibly the lowest point in my life, Gail appeared as if an angel out of nowhere. It was the late 70's and I had decided to change direction of my life and headed to college. I was sitting alone on a couch in the Student Center with my head buried in a book, when Gail simply walked up to me and introduced herself.  She sat down beside me and just started talking as if we were long lost friends and she changed my life at that moment. After that semester, I transferred to an Art School and Gail and I went our separate ways.

After a quarter century, I wonder if she ever thinks of our one semester together or if she ever knew how much she permanently altered my life for the better?  I wish her peace and happiness.

miraclesmodels-karen.jpg (22063 bytes) The original Virgin Mary for my painting was Lisa, who along with Diane and Cathy had gone to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" with me, and who along with those ladies became the catalyst for this painting.  The following year, I wrongfully painted over Lisa's face to sooth the wounded feelings of my current love.  After that, I put the painting away in a closet.

In 1980, when I met the lady who was to later become my bride, I was moved to return to my painting and added Karen's face  to the Virgin Mary and finished my "Miracles".

Sadly, 10 years later, Karen and I divorced. Wherever she is, I wish her peace & happiness.

2003 Joseph Canger.com