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Model of the Month- Tanya        

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For my first “Model of the Month” it is a necessity to pay tribute to “Tanya”.


I first met Tanya when I was just starting out with my life-casting.  I had a pocket full of dreams and little else.  I had no “sculpture portfolio” to show.  I had been a commercial artist for the last several years.  After sitting down and talking with Tanya, she decided to believe in me and my dreams.

She helped me through my most difficult “learning experiences” when the alginate was not my friend.   With her patience and understanding kindness I gradually learned just how to create a life-cast and my art grew in return.  I thank her for my whole beginning.

It was great to share the recognition of my hard work with Tanya, when it all finally paid off with my first show at a Soho gallery in NY.  Tanya arrived, fashionably late, dressed in a gorgeous black evening gown.  All heads turned as she gracefully entered the gallery.  It was wonderful to watch the amazed look of recognition cross a patron’s face as he looked at Tanya’s sculpture and then back to her, unbelievably "live and in person".  Again, I thank Tanya for believing in my art before it even existed.  

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To see Tanya's sculptures check out-  "Quadrophenia",   "Tanya",  "Cameo",  "Sirens",  "Tanya Torso",  and  "Year Of The Woman".



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