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Model of the Month- Holly

miraclesmodels-holly.jpg (29033 bytes)       The lovely Holly was truly an angel that I had the privilege to meet back in the late 70's.   At the time, she graciously consented to posed for one of my paintings.   My original idea for Holly's portrait was an off-shoot of my 60's lifestyle.   I wanted to do a painting of Holly wearing a gauzy white linen dress, standing out in an open field of flowers, as the morning mist drifted by and the rising sun halloed her hair.  I never did complete that portrait, but I did use Holly's back-lite  photo as the guide for all of my "Miracle" models to follow.

Today Holly is happily married with a sweet little girl of her own.   I thank her for her help with my painting and I wish her well.  She was, and will remain, an angel to me.

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