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Model of the Month- Heather Eve     

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The divine Heather Eve has to be the most uniquely individual model that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  This beautiful petite pixie, of Danish and English descent, has such an easy going out look on life, that it’s a pleasure to work with her.

I first discovered Heather in David Brommer's photos, "Submission Flesh and Blood", on his website at Cybersuspect.  I thank David for being gracious enough to put us in touch.

I met her briefly to discuss casting a sculpture that would be uniquely individual to her.  She told me that if I wanted to understand anything about what she’s about, I should attend the next Xorvia Ball,  a group of which she is a member in NYC. 
I must say it was a world unlike any I have ever known.
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heather-dream.jpg (22903 bytes)    Check out Heather Eve's sculptures- "Heather Bust",   "Lolita", and "Kinky Isn't Something You Do...".

Click here for additional photos of Heather.

Yes, that is the lovely Heather Eve under that headdress on the cover of "Dream", her husband John Santerineross' new book of dark imagery. 

You can contact Heather at- vampyresuccubus@yahoo.com

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