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Labor Pains

laborpain.jpg (21827 bytes)      I debated even creating this very disturbing look at pregnancy because all of the belly casts I've done have been very special.   It never fails to amaze me that there is another life growing inside of there, just waiting to be born.  But with this great joy also comes great pain.  Such is the paradox of life.

I asked a few new mothers if they felt this sculpture was "offensive".  They said, "No, not offensive, but definitely disturbing, and most definitely true."

The concept was originally conceived with the creation of "Suz's Vase".   With a few adjustments, the screaming face was adapted from my "Fame" sculpture.

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After I posted this on my website, I received a few very insightful comments from my dear friend Francine Krause, who helped to guide me with my first belly cast.
'Labor Pains' (is) disturbing AND effectively provocative. My take is that it was about C-section because of the placement of the face.
It does reflect the torment of what a woman experiences having given birth via C-section, in terms of emotional anquish over not being able to experience the empowerment of labor and vaginal delivery that is inherent in that experience. It really speaks to me about the violence of C-section more than anything else, even though it wasn't intended to do that apparently. This piece doesn't offend me. What I am offended by is the medical establishment's ability to rob a woman of her right to give birth. I wouldn't be surprised if more than one mother will react the way that I have. - Francine Krause


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