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Surrealistic Sculptures
When attempting to convey an emotion or to tell a story without words, often it helps to delve into the world of Surrealism. This Kafkaesque dream world, bizarre as it may be, allows the unconscious mind to come forward into the everyday.  
Click on a thumbnail for a full-size photo and story.
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Year of the Woman             Dali Skull             Desert Storm
mandalasuncopy.jpg (14124 bytes) moxie_meta_complete-copy.jpg (17967 bytes) thepearcopy.jpg (9062 bytes)
Mandala Sun Moxie Metaphysics The Pear
scartissuecopy.jpg (10258 bytes) foralostgenerationcopy.jpg (11997 bytes) fame-copy.jpg (13811 bytes)
Scar Tissue For a Lost Generation Fame
venus-nb_copy.jpg (9790 bytes) 00hideaway_copy.jpg (11413 bytes) heat-wave-michelle_copy.jpg (7476 bytes)
Venus of NY Hideaway Heat Wave
manrayscellocopy.jpg (11600 bytes) laborpaincopy.jpg (12062 bytes) perchancetodreamcopy.jpg (10907 bytes)
Manray's Cello Labor Pains Perchance to Dream
thinkerrevisitedcopy.jpg (8818 bytes) sirenscopy.jpg (15398 bytes) whenyouwereminecopy.jpg (12273 bytes)
The Thinker Revisited Sirens When You Were Mine

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