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Spredhaus (Haus Broken)    

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I LOVE THIS BAND!  “A funky beat with a creamy chocolate center” and lead vocals that totally kick ass.  I first heard them playing live on a local college radio station and I had to check them out at their next gig. I felt like a “groupie” approaching them with the idea to do a statue, but they were kewl with the idea and I think it turned out to be something totally different for me and them.  I thank them for their time and patience.

Sadly, Spredhaus is now de-funked.


The insert here is the back cover of their CD "Haus Broken" that made use of the sculpture. It received the 2005 ALI Life Casting Award.
You can check out Johanna's website at- www.johannastahley.com for some great MP3’s, and upcoming solo tour info.
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