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spiderweb.jpg (59581 bytes)       My third, my last, and certainly my most troubling sculpture in my “Heaven and Hell” series,   is obviously “Hell”. How does one represent Hell?  I don’t believe that an “all-knowing and all-loving” God would ever conceive of throwing an already tortured soul down into an eternal burning pit of hell fire. Would any creator ever bestow such a horrifying fate upon his creation no matter what wrong they had done? To me it would truly be Hell to be locked away alone, away from the sight of all. Unlike Purgatory with its ever-present exit available, Hell would have no such release.  The soul is chained and locked in its own prison, trapped in a spider web of its own design. The tortured soul of the damned exists here.

Please note the gold key that hangs at the bottom right hand corner of the sculpture. Perhaps one last chance even in Hell for redemption?  I pray so.


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