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Nina, Mistress of the Goddess

ninamistressofthegoddess.jpg (28740 bytes)     

Andrea “Nina” Biro, is called the most photographed Covergirl/Centerfold of our time. I contacted Nina’s manager about creating a sculpture of her and discovered that Nina was a member of Wicca, with many strong personal beliefs. I chose to look at this endeavor from Nina’s spiritual point of view.

This “illusions of reality” sculptures has been receiving a lot of attention. During the installation at a Soho gallery, the sculpture was placed out in the center of the front show room to keep it out of the way until it was time to move it into the side room.  The door was open for air.  As people passed by outside, they stopped, did a double take, then walked in to look at this sculpture even though the gallery wasn’t open yet.  Needless to say, the Gallery Director decided leave it there and at the time of the reception “Nina” had found a new home front and center for all to see.    Click to return.

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