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Model of the Month- Suzanne    

I first met Suzanne when she was 17 and I painted my first portrait of her, appropriately titled "Suzanne".  Three years later, when we were roommates, I painted "Suz".  She had a spirit that would not quit.  Her engery and optimism were infectious and I always loved her for it.

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In 1993, Suz and I were on "The Montel Williams Show" with my sculpture.  

Check out two of Suzanne's sculptures Suz' Vase and She Dreams In Colors.

Click here for  photos of Suz. Click here for sketches of Suz.

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Over a decade has come and gone since then, but through the wonders of the internet, I've recently been in contact with Suzanne once again, and I am overjoyed to announce that today she is happily married and has recently become a mother. Her engery and optimism are still just as infectious today as they were back then.
I was thankful to hear of Suzanne's family, love, and happiness.  God bless.
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