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Like a fine wine that improves with age, Helena is still modeling over 30 years after her first appearance in "Playboy". Asked what her beauty secrets are to stay so youthful, she says that a positive attitude, exercise, and treating her body with respect and the utmost care are a few of the things she does. Skin care is very important to her along with a belief in a holistic lifestyle. In our "youth-oriented" society, Helena proves that you don’t have to be 20 to remain beautiful & vibrant.

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Helena has always loved art and she most graciously consented to pose for a sculpture when I approached her with the idea.
I love the idea of working with Helena because she proves to the world that beauty does not have to fade with time, as most people fear. Today, she is as exciting and sensual at 50 as she was at 20… even more so as she continues to grow as a person. She, herself, is a consent work of art in the making.
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World-class photographer Rama captured our casting session on film.  I thank him for his time and allowing me to use his wonderful photographs here on my website.  Photos of this event and the process involved creating Helena’s sculpture from start to finish, can be viewed by clicking here.

You can also check out Helena’s personal website at: www.helenaantonaccio.com

Or you can reach Helena by email at: Helena@helenaantonaccio.com

I want to thank Helena for being such a wonderful model and I wish her well with her continued success in life as an icon of a generation and a role-model for all generations.


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