The year was 1969…   the first man walked on the moon…  the Woodstock nation was born… and Helena Antonaccio was Playboy’s Miss June Centerfold.  It was the year that I became a teenage, part of the rebellious youth in a turbulent time.  I distinctly remember Helena’s centerfold, one of the first I’d ever viewed.  I remember being drawn in by her wonderful smile and free spirit.  It was a time that opened my eyes to a new and changing world... how love, music, and people could gather and change the spirit of the world... and how Helena's smile would develop and enrich my appreciation of the power and character of "woman". helena1969top.jpg (21592 bytes)
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Helena has matured into a beautiful woman, but is still the lovely spirited lady of the 60's.

Click here to see Helena today  or  click here to see Helena's casting session & construction of her sculpture.


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