To create Helena's scultpure, we first made an impression off of her upper torso.
helena-casting1a.jpg (22245 bytes)       helena-casting1b.jpg (23021 bytes)       helena-casting1c.jpg (23919 bytes)
After preparing her for casting, we next made a mold of her happy smiling face.
helena-casting2a.jpg (20589 bytes) helena-casting2b.jpg (25793 bytes) helena-casting2c.jpg (21375 bytes)
The individual casts are created from theses molds. They are then cleaned and adhered to the base. The design of the hair and drapery are slowly built up using plaster gauze.
helena-casting3a.jpg (20409 bytes) helena-casting3b.jpg (21516 bytes) helena-casting3c.jpg (18561 bytes)
I wanted the finish of Helena's sculpture to be perfect, so I took it to my friend, David White, a professional faux finisher. Photographs can't do justice to the beautiful finish David created here.
Check out David's website at-
helena-casting4a.jpg (22541 bytes)        helena-casting4b.jpg (23496 bytes)        helena-casting4c.jpg (16130 bytes)
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