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Going Down In America

An artistic tribute by Jillian Ann, in memory of the lives lost on 9/11 in her hometown of NYC.

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We all have seen the news. We all know the story. We all feel a sense of lose, or fear, anger or confusion. Our pretty little world has had a rock thrown into it. As I sat at home this morning watching the smoke pour out and hearing the sirens scream, I felt a wave of sorrow come around, sorrow for the lives lost because of anger, because of hate because of greed. We never really think about things till they are gone. We are obsessed with money and our TV, getting laid and getting high and then life slaps up in the face. This won't be the last slap, I hate to say it, but some knew it was coming, some knew that something had to happen to wake us up. I was praying a few days ago, and some of you don't believe in God some of you do, I don't agree with religion, but I don't hold a grudge on God because of that. Anyway, so last night I was on my roof and I was having conversations with a higher power... God, Zen, Buddha, whatever you may call it. I was thinking about the coldness I see the dead eyes, the people who have nothing to speak about that matters...

I sat on my roof and I pray for our country, for my friends, for myself, for the world. For all that hurts and harms, I prayed for protection, for blessing for those of those like me, that don't know any other path then the one we are on... Then I felt a log in my heart and I went inside. I talked to a friend and I told him how I felt ill. Go to sleep... I slept... I didn't wake up and go into the city like I planned because my friend had told me to rest... so I wisen't where I was going to be if I hadn't listened... if I had gotten up if things had been just a little different. I could have been dead...

Thousands of people are dead and more will die... and I hope then went to a better place. I mourn for their souls, for their families... I pray God will bless our country but I have a feeling we can only help ourselves by making the right decisions, by choosing not to be angry. By choosing to try to help instead of running to hide, by choosing to stick together and not go against each other. I made these today as an expression, these are my thoughts.  -Jillian Ann

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