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Duane Hanson (American Photorealist Sculptor, 1925-96)      


With all of the references I make to Duane Hanson though out my site, I'd be remiss if I did not include a sample of his life’s work here for those who have not yet had the pleasure to have discovered him.  I first became aware of Duane Hanson during a High School field trip to the Whitney Museum in NYC,  when upon our arrival we noticed that a janitor was smugly watching us.  At first he aggravated me with the way he just stared at us.  Gradually I realized that he wasn’t moving at all.  It was a sculpture… a Duane Hanson sculpture.  I was amazed, and that day, Duane Hanson unknowingly became my mentor.
I included his “Photographer” here because it was only a few years ago, that he got me again.  I went to a gallery to check out the work of another nameless life-caster.  I walked up to a wall hung sculpture to examine her technique.  Out of the corner of my eye, I realized that I was interrupting a photographer patiently waiting to take his shot.  I apologized to him  and stepped out of his way before I saw the sign on the floor before him.  Yes, it was another of Duane Hanson's. 
The art world mourns his passing.
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