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     I met this beautifully stunning lady,  who stands at an even six foot tall, two years earlier, and it took that long to convince her to pose for me. "Persistence," I was told, "is a sign of someone who believes in his dreams."  When we finally sat down to discuss her future sculpture, amazingly we both had the exact same concept for the piece already in mind.  I love how this pose accentuates her slender height, plus the expression on her face is just wonderful.

     The sculpture never was intended as a religious piece, but that is what it has unintentionally become.  I was sitting at a funeral for a friend, listening to the choir sing “Closer Oh God To Thee”.  The image of my work in progress came to mind, void of all her earthly entrapping, standing on tip toes reaching up to God.  I thought, when I die, I’d hate to have a traditional funeral.  I’d prefer to have a viewing of my life’s work instead. As I sat and listened to the choir singing “Closer”, I thought that I’d like to have this sculpture featured front and center with my urn placed at its feet, like a guiding spirit, quite simply leading me “closer”.       

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