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On October 13th in 2006, I was happy Bill Kendzierski asked me to help out with the breast casting to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness as a part of  "Carton & Rossi"'s gig on 101.5 FM NJ Radio.

The 33 casts created were later auctioned off in the Atlantic City Hilton on October 27th.

Additionally, on 10/19 I returned to the studio and did a separate cast of on-air personality Ray Rossi, (shown below), that was also auctioned off.  

In the end, the casts we created raised over $18,000 to help find a cure for Breast Cancer.

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Ray reading on-air promo. Ray's rough plaster cast. Ray's finished "bronze" sculpture.
Below are a few of the casts Bill and I made, plus a few of my own added for the auction.
The designs on each of the casts were designated by the models.
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