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The "Big Commission"

big_commission.jpg (17205 bytes)      When I received the 2005 ALI Award for lifecasting, the Director of ALI asked me if I'd also like to accept a "really big commission" with the award.  I thought, "Sure, that'd be great!"   The jest in this offer was that the model was a very big woman looking for a full figure casting.

     I debated adding this lifecast to my website because it wasn't treated as art, but instead as a "weight loss incentive".

     I have to applaud this lady's desire to be cast at her all time heaviest to document what will surely be an amazing transformation for her.  We all have our own personal self-image that we see in a mirror or in photographs, but to look at your own lifecast is to truly see who you are.

     This model is writing a book about how society treats obesity and shuns them with public disdain. There was an interesting experiment done while making the movie "Shallow Hal".  The lovely Gwyneth Paltrow went shopping, fully made up in her "fat suit".  The beautiful actress returned in tears, not use to the the public ridicule she received that day.


gold_line.jpg (5736 bytes)


big_comm-torso.jpg (14487 bytes)   

This was an extremely difficult sculpture to make since it is 360 degrees.  It was very hard to balance the separate casts while trying to attach them.

   big_comm-legs.jpg (14117 bytes)


In the end, this will stand as a testament to one woman's desire to change what is.

I wish her the best and hope that in the end she finds peace.

2008 Joseph Canger.com