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Belly Casting Information

For each expectant mother there is the treasure of experiencing the creation of life. It is with great passion that I express a mother’s love for creating the ‘art of life’ with my love for creating ‘life as art’ and transform this human treasure into Fine Art. Together we can preserve and share this creative moment of your life’s time for all the ages.

This process to create this art is both time-sensitive and time-enduring. While most of my belly-casting colleagues, in order to save time and expense for their subjects, will cast a mother’s belly with only plaster gauze to create a mask as a sculpture quickly, my style is more detailed.

I make an alginate mold of the mother. Alginate is a completely safe, thinly layered non-toxic rubber molding that takes about 4 minutes to set

Click here to see the whole casting process.
The finished piece will be a thin layer of plaster poured into the original alginate mold, reinforced with fiberglass in a second layer of plaster. Each sculpture is then sealed, painted with a basic finish, and ready to hang on any wall.  If you require a more elaborate faux finish to your sculpture, please check out -  Fauxever.
I'm located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, an approximate 30-minute drive from New York. At the time of your casting, please come accompanied by a companion. This will help save on expenses that I would otherwise have to pass on to you. As a modest discretion, the expectant mother can wear a bra or bathing suit top. This initial modeling session in creating the mold will take approximately 1/2 hour. I will notify you upon the completion of the sculpture.

Since this is a very special time for each mother, I try to keep all costs to a minimum for a basic cast.  For me, this is a "reaffirmation of life".

Cost Per Cast-

Neck to lower belly... $150
Neck to lower belly w/arms... $200
Neck to lower belly w/face & arms... $300

For further information, please contact me at -


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