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Featured "Artist of the Month" - Dave Parvin
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     Essentially self-taught, Dave is a realistic sculptor whose primary subject is the human form.  He strives to bring life to his work by carefully defining the underlying muscular and skeletal systems. “My style is that I do not stylize, but want my pieces to be proportionally and facially identical to the models.”


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     Though principally known for his bronzes, Dave has also worked in wood, Forton MG, concrete, pewter, Racu and most recently urethane. About twelve years ago, Dave became interested in life casting. His initial interest was for anatomical reference but soon realized that properly done, it is almost like three-dimensional photography. While continuing to do his “regular” sculpting, years of experimentation have resulted in Dave being recognized as one of the innovators in life casting having developed many new techniques. His latest accomplishment has been to perfect a method of producing negative life castings in clear blocks or urethane.


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     Art Review has called him “ the premiere life casting expert in Colorado, maybe in all the West."  

     Dave was honored by being one of the first artists given membership in ALI, the Association of Lifecasters International.

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