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Featured "Artist of the Month" - ED McCORMICK
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Ed McCormick is the Founder and Managing Director of the Association of Lifecasters International (ALI).


     E.J. McCormick has refined his sculptural and lifecasting techniques for the last ten years. Though primarily self-taught, he attended Carnegie Mellon University, and later served apprenticeships under such notables as Hiram Ball, Dave Parvin and Mark Prent. Versed in many artistic mediums, McCormick was first a landscape and figurative painter working in oils and watercolor. But the classical influence of the Greeks and Renaissance soon began surfacing in his work as life-size sculptural creations. Those creations are sought after not only by private collectors, but also by corporations such as Warner Bros. Inc., and DeBeers Ltd.

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     McCormick works and teaches from his east coast facility, ArtMolds Sculpture Studio.  He relies on his career as a businessman for the operation of Life-Casting.com, an internationally networked company that develops and distributes lifecasting supplies to artists and creative types throughout the world.  McCormick currently resides in Millington, New Jersey with his wife Hong Zhao and two dogs Xiemei and Baoboa.

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