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Featured "Artist of the Month" - PHILIP HITCHCOCK
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The artist at work on the ALI Awards.

The Myth of the Minotaur


Philip Hitchcock Fine Arts Studios specializes in Lifecast and Bodycast Sculpture,
Figurative Design, Illuminated Sculpture, and Surrealism.
Hitchcock is an award-winning artist who creates fine art and erotic sculptures using lifecast techniques.  Award-winning, controversial, prolific, and profound; a multi-faceted artist and sculptor proficient in a variety of techniques, Philip Hitchcock is known best for his innovative and highly unique castings taken from life. He also offers workshops in lifecasting techniques. Classes now forming in Los Angeles, San Diego, & San Francisco.
ArtMolds and the Association of Lifecasters International, (ALI) co-sponsored the first annual Life Casting Awards for Outstanding Artistic Achievement in the Service of Humanity. The specially commissioned Life Casting Award statue, was created for the event by internationally renowned artist and sculptor Philip Hitchcock.
I have always loved the dark eroticism of Philip's work and I'm happy to feature him as my first "Artist of the Month".
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Foot Soldier The Eyes of Argus Triumph
Click on the banner for Hitchcock's home website-
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