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Featured "Artist of the Month" - Francine Krause
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I am proud to present Francine Krause to you as this month's "Featured Artist".

I had been lifecasting for a full decade before I was approached to do my first bellycast.

Never having the opportunity to deal with pregnancy before, I didn't know what to expect, so I contacted Francine, a fellow ALI member, for any information she might offer.

It turns out that Francine is one of the kindest, most gracious, fellow artists that I've had the pleasure to talk with, and I found her help and knowledge of this subject to be invaluable when it came time to create my first bellycast, and I thank her for that.


fran-belly_21.jpg (17610 bytes)             Francine is an originator and pioneer of pregnant bellycasting.   She is the "God-mother of all bellycasters". The "Bellymask" founder, describes what compelled her in 1986 to do something that would eventually become a movement; "Inspired by my baby who lay nestled safely within me, I created the first bellycast and gave birth to an experience and a product that is being enjoyed by women worldwide." It is an experience of a lifetime, which will remembered and cherished forever.


     Years - and literally hundreds of bellymasks later - she states; "Each bellymask that she creates will be as unique as the baby within the mother's womb.  An artistic symbol of love which came from their body, is a durable heirloom sculpture that illuminates the tender and joyful feelings of pregnancy."


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     Francine has also been in the "bellycasting-kit" business since 1991 and has established the highest standard in products. "Our pleasure is in knowing that you will have the experience that you are hoping for in creating your bellymask, assuring you the safest and most enjoyable experience possible."  She takes pride in bringing you the finest bellycasting products anywhere in the marketplace.   Every kit has an easy-to-understand instruction booklet, written and designed by Francine herself, affording you complete, illustrated directions from start to finish.  Everything from casting technique, to creating a porcelain smooth surface, to how to decorate and display your bellymask is right there.


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Click on the banner for everything at Francine's home website-
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