woodstock-ticket.jpg (39458 bytes)   Just a few memories that I thought I'd share from "Woodstock 94" held in my hometown of Saugerties, New York on the 25th anniversary of the original concert festival. woodstock-todd.jpg (49241 bytes) woodstock-hippiechick.jpg (50041 bytes)
woodstock-stage.jpg (78520 bytes)
The original ticket Welcome to the jungle- Friday morning, North Stage Todd Rundgren at the "Todd Podd" Flower power lives again
woodstock-wavygravy.jpg (33696 bytes)   woodstock-bluestraveler.jpg (31646 bytes)   woodstock-mudpeople2.jpg (35364 bytes)   woodstock-sherylcrow.jpg (28220 bytes)   woodstock-budchick.jpg (31262 bytes)
Wavy Gravy Blues Traveler MUD PEOPLE! Sheryl Crow Let it rain!
woodstock-tophats.jpg (39057 bytes) woodstock-nude.jpg (24683 bytes)    woodstock-sign.jpg (56185 bytes)    woodstock-nudes.jpg (34600 bytes)    woodstock-technodino.jpg (31033 bytes)
The CAT In The Hat! Enjoying the sunshine A local sign Making friends Techno Dino at the Techo Village
woodstock-mudpeople1.jpg (40255 bytes) woodstock-tents.jpg (59037 bytes) woodstock-jimi.jpg (47998 bytes) woodstock-jokerman.jpg (44994 bytes)
Mud people rule!    No place to move, no place to live. Over crowding in the Getto. Jimi Hendrix Memorial The dancing Jokerman

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