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Heather was born in Redondo Beach, California and soon after her family moved to the outskirts of Yosemite where she was raised.  At 18, on the advice of some friends who noticed her potential, natural beauty and striking charisma, she submitted some photos to Playboy. Hugh Hefner was instantly smitten and the rest as they say is HER-STORY. Hugh immediately invited her to LA for a shoot and she was featured as "Playmate of the Month" in a centerfold in April 2002.  Since her Playboy debut, Heather has received well deserved and enormous attention in Hollywood and now enjoys a highly successful career in commercial modeling. She has also done several music videos and appears often print work.   She is a self-professed rocker girl and when she gets a break from her chaotic schedule, she loves listening to music. When she goes out, she likes to kick it up with live rock and roll can be content just hanging with friends at a local bar.   Heather's sexy figure is maintained by an intense daily workout and she can also be spotted on a run along the beach with her dog, but her favorite thing there is to just hang.

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Playmate Data Sheet
Name: Heather Carolin
Bust: 34B Waist: 22 Hips: 30
Height: 5'4" Weight: 98lbs.
Birth date: 08-15-82    Birthplace: Harbor City, CA
Ambitions: I might pursue acting or modeling but otherwise psychology.
Turn- Ons: Confidence, men in uniform (esp. firemen) and nice pecs.
Turnoffs: Egotistical and superficial people, bad hygiene and negative attitudes.
The Sexiest Man That Ever Lived Is: Jim Morrsion
My Favorite Bands: Metallica, Korn and AC/DC.
In Five Years: I hope I am happy and successful in whatever I do.
If I Had More Time I'd  Pursue: Photography, scuba diving, boating and traveling.
I Wish I Had: A 1967 Chevy Camaro SS.
If I Could Change Anything: I would want a bigger lung capacity.
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