Casting Corrin  

When I was casting Corrin, I was very thankful to her manager Chris of Bossio Photography for shooting a very extensive series of shots capturing the entire casting process that you see here.
Capturing the pose Covering the model with alginate Applying a layer of cotton
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A wet coat of Plaster of Paris Wrapped in plaster gauze The negative mold waiting to be cast
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Repeating the process for her back Releasing the mold The negative mold of her back
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Preparing the model for the face cast Applying the alginate
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For me, the trickiest part of lifecasting is around the nose. Because of this, I prefer to have my model lay down.
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Cotton, plaster, and gauze are once again applied The model faces off with her lifecast mask
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Again, I want to thank Chris for the use of his photos. Click the banner below for his website.
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