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Fine artisans exploring new & classic ideas in special effect faux finishes.

Master paint specialists for all aspects of decoration.



kk-ff-photo.jpg (38900 bytes)          Painted finishes have been popular for centuries, although styles have changed with the fashions of the times.  Today, modern methods and materials have made specialized paint techniques available to us all.  Decorative painted finishes allow us to replicate marble, wood, semi-precious stones and other effects in areas of your apartment, home, or commercial space where real materials would be too costly.  The FAUX FINISHES studio provides inspiration for unique interior environments to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  FAUX FINISHES' team of artisans can provide special effects for accent touches or entire murals.

"My service is oriented to the client who cares about thoroughness, quality, and the traditional values of craftsmanship."   -K.K.Kunzmann


* Granite, stone, and marbles (realistic & fantasy) including crema italiano, Norwegian rose, red levanto, yellow sienna, and vert doral.
* Agate, malachite, lapis lazuli, porphyry, tortoise shell, crackle, negoro nuri.

Below are just a few samples of these various faux finishes available.

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Antique Marble

        Rag Dab         Fantasy Marble
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Green Marble Red Oak Verdigris
* Gold leafing - gilding with oil and water bases
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* Custom stenciling
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*  Samples individually prepared for each client
*  No commission too large or too small
*  References upon request
*  Surprisingly affordable
*  Free consultations
*  Fully insured
You can contact KK at- (732) 636-3354
2003 KK's Faux Finishes



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