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Desert Storm (Where Have All The Flowers Gone?)

desertstorm.jpg (35405 bytes)  

When I decided to become a sculptor, I wanted to make a social statement.  On the day that I cast my first model, Desert Storm erupted.  

I was a child of the Viet-Nam era.  Every evening on the “Nightly News”, they would broadcast the death toll for the day. Before the war was over, I carried my draft card. The subtitle is a mid-60's protest song.

When Desert Storm began, I thought it was frightening to watch the attitude of our gung ho “let’s kill ‘em all” brigade growing again. People in peace tend to forget that people in war die.   Heaven help us.

This is my tribute to the “forgotten solder” as the sand of time passes.  Vets always ask me about this sculpture.  I know they understand.

This sculpture is part of a private collection.

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