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Featured "Artist of the Month" - NAKED ART

Brent and Shirley Cairns of New Zealand

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    As naturists it is easy to accept the idea of Naked Art as being a thing of natural beauty. Our website promotes a positive attitude to the shape, size and form of the naked body of both male and female.  Our website features sculptures and nude photography.

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     We started out by observing an exhibition of lifecasting and thinking "hey we can do this, but innovate on it", we started experimenting on ourselves. Word caught on and we were then being commissioned to immortalize other people. We knew we had something special so as we wanted to approach galleries to exhibit our work and the response was overwhelming.

nakedart-pregancy_series.jpg (18182 bytes)       ArtMolds and the Association of Lifecasters International, (ALI) co-sponsored the first annual Life Casting Awards for Outstanding Artistic Achievement in the Service of Humanity.   The Cairns were the first recipients of this award for their pregnancy series that was donated to the new Christchurch Women's Hospital.  Their sculpture received country wide television coverage in New Zealand for this donation.


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You can contact Brent and Shirley at their website -
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