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Featured "Artist of the Month" - CJ Munn
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A portrait of the Artist, lost in a sea of her casts.


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     CJ Munn is an award-winning artist who creates fine art sculptures using lifecast techniques.

     ArtMolds and the Association of Lifecasters International, (ALI) co-sponsored the first annual Life Casting Awards for Outstanding Artistic Achievement in the "Service of Humanity".   CJ was one of the first recipients of this award for her sculpture of a father, dying of terminal cancer, holding his newborn son's hand.  Sadly, the father passed on only a few short months after this cast was created.


C.J.Munn, a lifecaster, artist and writer from Kent, England, initially resisted her artistic urges and instead trained to be a television journalist at Goldsmiths College, the University of London.

For many years, she worked as a researcher, writer and producer for the BBC and Channel 4.

As a child, CJ had already established herself as a successful artist, winning several national competitions and having her work featured regularly in the media.  It was only after taking a career break to become a mum that C.J. returned to her two early passions - art and writing.


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     CJ now works from her studio creating unique, beautiful and deeply personal works of art which have been featured in several national and international magazines and on ITV's Meridian News.  As well as her lifecasts, CJ also works as a mosaic artist, painter, jewelry designer, and graphic designer. She also writes and illustrates children's stories, and reviews books and software for several parenting websites.


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